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Midnight Sun Travel is a small-medium sized Icelandic travel agency founded in 2009.
In the beginning we specialized in French speaking visitors, but today our customers comes from all over Europe, the United States and Asia.

OUR FOCUS is on Quality, Culture and Personal Touches.

There's a growing demand for greater quality in the shorter trips, where you can experience that deep connection an experienced guide can bring to a group of explorers. 
Whether it be day tours or longer trips, we believe a good tourguide is the key. Our guides actively partake in the Icelandic culture scene, and are knowledgeable about Icelandic nature, history, society, economy, and literature. And they are very often gifted storytellers like their ancestors, the Vikings.


Exploration + Affordability
We enrich your experience.
We communicate openly, with interest and thoughtfulness.


Our partners are the hidden jewels that make your trip truly unique. Midnight Sun Travel is devoted to promoting the companies that our own customers love. We work with a handful of smaller tour operators which we have selected because we share the same values and concern for our customers.


Midnight Sun Travel // Soleil de Minuit
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